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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can be nominated? Can you nominate management or is it just “services” personnel?
    Any non-managerial hospitality service employee or volunteer that works in the service area. Past nominees have included employees that work in accommodations, restaurants and nightlife, attractions, museums, transportation, retail, events, customer service or public service.
  2. Who should I nominate?
    Nominating a staff member or volunteer for the ROSE Awards gives your company the opportunity to celebrate your best employee or volunteer’s outstanding service to your company. Some businesses in the past have nominated an employee of the month, employee of the year, or an associate who has proven themselves as a true hospitality professional.
  3. How many can I nominate?
    Each company can nominate up to two (2) people.
  4. What should I look for in a nominee?
    We want your best of the best! The following criteria need to be considered:
    • Any employee who goes above and beyond
    • Workplace knowledge/attitude
    • Meets or exceeds customers’ expectations
    • Handles problems effectively
  5. How do I nominate?
    • To nominate, click here to complete the online .

  6. What's next after I submit nominations?
    • The nominator will receive an email confirmation of the nomination.
    • Notifications will begin in April. A member of our committee will be in touch with each nominator or supervisor to schedule an appropriate notification time.
    • At the time of notification, each honoree will receive a congratulatory letter, a special ROSE honoree pin and details for the ROSE Awards ceremony.
    • Make plans to attend the ROSE Awards on May 2nd and purchase tickets for your company. The cost is $100.00 per person (including the honoree). Typically the nominating company will purchase the ticket for their honoree.

  7. What does each nominee receive?
    • Special notification of nomination prior to event
    • Congratulatory letter from the mayor of Indianapolis
    • Special ROSE Honoree pin to be worn to the ceremony
    • Incredible evening of food and entertainment that celebrates and recognizes the nominee and company with which they are affiliated
    • Framed award certificate
    • Special recognition on the ROSE Awards website

  8. How long does a person have to work at a business to qualify for the nomination?
    One year.
  9. Do the honorees get into the event for free?
    The cost for each attendee/honoree is $100.00 and typically the nominating company will purchase this ticket.
  10. When will the nominees be notified?
    Notifications will take place in April and the contact person from the nominating company will be contacted to set a time for the notification.
  11. Can I nominate a previous nominee or honoree?
    Yes, a candidate can be nominated more than once.

If you have questions about ROSE Awards, please contact:
Nate Swick
Senior Communications Manager

Rose Awards Nominations
Citizens Energy Group


“I continue to be very proud of my Rose award. On a personal note, I can't tell you how proud my wife and family are, and it's certainly nice to know that I helped contribute to one of a long list of awards for the Renaissance!”

Keith Mays

Keith Mays
Renaissance Indianapolis North Hotel